The Health of Moncton's Marketing

I know it's old news but I couldn't help myself! For those of you who might think selling real estate in Moncton, or anywhere in New Brunswick, is a piece of cake (or a puff of cotton candy), let us describe to you exactly why it's not the sweet treat you've always envisioned. It's rather a buyer's market - meaning there's lot for sale and not a whole lot of competition to purchase. In fact, a young realtor recently utilized some of his other talents in releasing a Facebook video of his own Floss in order to sell a gorgeous piece of eye candy.

In case anyone hasn't seen it, let me tell you about a video tuned A-ha's "Take on Me." In it a smartly dressed and spiffily coifed individual dances The Floss through every room of a timbered slice of paradise here in our very own Riverview. The house may not have sold yet, but the video's gotten plenty of attention from the traditional media, the social media, and buyers alike. Here's to hoping The Floss steals its way into marketing, because it's sure stolen its way into my heart!

I'd never leave you without a link. Watch the video here.

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